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Abstract No.1

Evaluation of the molecular mechanism underlying the regenerating effects of MyCells.
Rima Dardik, Ph.D. Head, Unit of Genetic Diagnosis of Hemophilia, Institute of Thrombosis,Sheba Medical Center, Affiliated to Tel-Aviv University, Israel, and Livia Theodor Ph.D. MBA, Mycells, Israel.
Abstract No.2

Controversies in Regenerative Medicine. Platelet Gel:Does it really work?
IMCAS Annual Meeting Paris, 8-11, 2010
Sabine Zenker, MD., Dermatologische Privatpraxis, Asthetische Dermatologie, Munich, Germany

Abstract No.3

Use of Stem Cells and Autologous growth factors for the treatment of burnes.
E. Bondioli, C. Orlandi, A. Carboni *, R. Chicchi **, V. Agostini**, S. Lelli**,
R. Santarelli **, D. Melandri.

Abstract No.4

Combines use of Platelet gel and matrix modulating proteases (promogran ®): A promising new synergy for the treatment of chronic skin wounds. 

C. Orlandi, E. Bondioli, A. Carboni *, R. Chicchi **, V. Agostini**, S. Lelli **
R. Santarelli **, A. Aiti ***, M. Ghetti***, D. Melandri.

Article No.1

Platelet-Rich Plasma: A Review of Biology and Applications in Plastic Surgery
Eppley, Barry L. M.D., D.M.D.; Pietrzak, William S. Ph.D.; Blanton, Matthew M.D.(Plastic Reconstructive Surgery, Volume 118(6), November 2006, pp 147e-15
Article No.2

Platelet-rich plasma enhances the initial mobilization of circulation-derived cells for tendon healing.
Kajikawa Y, Morihara T, Sakamoto H, Matsuda KI, Oshima Y, Yoshida A, Nagae M, Arai Y, Kawata M, Kubo T.
J. Cell Physiology Jan. 2008
Article No.3

Platelet Quantification and Growth Factor Analysis from Platelet-Rich Plasma: Implications for Wound Healing
Eppley, Barry L. M.D., D.M.D.; Woodell, Jennifer E. Ph.D.; Higgins, Joel B.S.
PRS Volume 114(6), November 2004, pp 1502-1508

Article No.4

Dr. Sabine Zenker.Platelets are a rich source of grouth facrors that can be applied to facial aesthetics. The use of
platelet-rich plasma for rejuvenation and augmentation is discussed by Dr. Sabine Zenker.


Article No.5 - French Version

Le plasma riche en plaquettes (PRP) pour la réjuvénation du visage,
Dr. Sabine Zenker.


Article No.5 - English Version

platelet-rich plasma for rejuvenation and augmentation is discussed by
Dr. Sabine Zenker.

 Article No.6
Autologous platelet rich plasma has been used for a variety of indications for more than 30 years with effective results, and plays an important role in soft tissue healing.
Dr. Gilbert Amgar, Dr. Christian Bonnet, Dr. Alain Butnaru and Fabienne Herault-Bardin.

 Article No.7

Combining Surgical Lifting with Natural Injectables by Peter Newen, M.D., Image Plastic Surgery Center, Orange County California, USA.

Article No.8

Platelet-rich plasma induces increased expression of G1 cell cycle regulators, type I collagen, and matrix metalloproteinase-1 in human skin fibroblasts.
Jae -We Cho*, Sung-Ae Kim * and Kyu-Suk Lee,
Department of Dermatology, Keimyung University School of Medicine, Daegu 700-712, Republic of Korea.


Article No.9

Pharmacology and therapeutics - Efficacy of intradermal radiofrequency combined with autologous platelet-rich plasma in striae distensae:
a pilot study.
In Su Kim1, MD, Kui Young Park1, MD, Beom Joon Kim1, MD, Myeung Nam Kim1, MD, Chan Woong Kim2, MD, and Sung Eun Kim2, MD.


Article No.10

Application of platelet-rich plasma accelerates the wound healing process in acute and chronic ulcers through rapid migration and upregulation of cyclin A and CDK4 in HaCaT cells.
Department of Dermatology, Keimyung University School of Medicine,Daegu 700-712, Republic of Korea.


Article No.11

PLATELET-RICH-PLASMA: A therapy for hair growth
Gilbert Amgar and Pierre Bouhanna investigate the novel application of
platelet-rich-plasma preparations as a treatment for hair-loss

Abstract No.12
Platelet-Rich Plasma Versus Focused Shock Waves in the Treatment
of Jumper’s Knee in Athletes
Mario Vetrano,*y MD, Anna Castorina,y MD, Maria Chiara Vulpiani,y MD, Rossella Baldini,z PhD, Antonio Pavan,§ MD, and Andrea Ferretti,|| MD.
Investigation performed at the Sant’Andrea Hospital, Sapienza University of Rome,
Rome, Italy

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